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Active Pause: It takes a mindful pause to shift from mindlessness to mindfulness

In everyday language, what we call a pause is a moment where activity is suspended, i.e. something that we associate with a blank as opposed to activity. Adding the word ‘active’ may seem like a paradox. This is to make the point that this pause is not just a ‘blank’ but an intentional rupture from the status quo, i.e. the flow of things as they currently are.

Without rupture, there is no possibility of a breakthrough. If this pause were just a pause, in the ordinary sense of the term, what comes after it would be pretty much the same as what comes before it. But the value of this pause is that it allows for disruption, for the possibility of change.

It takes such a pause to interrupt the default mode under which we normally function, to be mindful rather than mindless.

Mindful pause

The people who are involved with Active Pause as readers and contributors have this in common: We value mindful interaction and inner connection, and we literally make time for it in our everyday life. We pause.

This may just entail the slightest of pauses, barely noticeable if at all. It's just taking a tiny moment to interrupt routine. Most often, the "aha moment" is an ever-so-slight shift, not a dramatic change. It's not much, and it's a lot: We give ourselves a chance to have a fresh look at what life brings us, moment by moment. To have a sense of our own engagement in our own life. To be mindful rather than mindless.

The Active Pause project is a bridge connecting people who value being thoughtful, mindful, attuned, emotionally responsive rather than reactive. We share our experiences to give more breadth and depth to our explorations and practices.

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Mindful pause: Mindful vs mindless
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Mindful pause: Mindful vs mindless
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