Tuesday group: Meditation in connection

Traditionally, meditation is an individual practice. The focus is on concentration and awareness, not on connection with others.

Of course, meditators have observed, time and again, that meditating with a group enhances their practice. Buddhists put a high value on being with the sangha. This approach goes beyond that. It blends moments of meditation and moments of sharing our experiences of meditating. It works both for experienced meditators and for people who have little to no experience meditating.

interactive meditation connection

Exploring together, we give ourselves more of a chance to experience meditation as a process going on beyond the strict boundary of the isolated self.

Sharing our experiences is not just a way to deepen our understanding. It is also a way to feel more connected to others. The nervous system circuit that allows us to be mindful is the circuit that mediates social engagement. Inner connection and interpersonal connection work naturally together.

Free practice group

This gathering combines inner connection and connection with others. It lasts 50 to 60 minutes.

Join us as we practice on Zoom, on Tuesdays at 12 pm New York time.

​We sit in silence for 25 minutes, in touch with our inner experience. Then we share what came up, in a mindful way. ​At some sessions, we experiment with putting a mindful focus on a specific topic.

​All levels of experience (or inexperience) are welcome. 

​Meetings are facilitated by Hilary Bradbury and Serge Prengel. There will be some guidance, just a little, to make everybody comfortable with this experience. 

​To receive the Zoom link, please register here.  

What does it feel like?

In this one-minute video, Hilary Bradbury describes her experience during a moment of Meditation In Connection.

​To receive the Zoom link, please register here.  

See also instructions on how to explore this with a friend or a small group: Redefining meditation.