Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy podcast

The Somatic Perspectives podcast is now called Active Pause.

It continues to explore somatic psychology, relational therapies, mindfulness, and trauma therapies, in the broader context of exploring mindfulness in therapy and in life.

Stimulating ideas are discussed, as well as clinical examples. The style of the conversations is reflective, to slow down and deepen the process.

The conversations are recorded as MP3 files. You can listen to them on the site, or download them to play on any MP3 player. You can also read many of them as printable PDF transcripts (see link to the transcript on the same page as the conversation, below the bio).

See podcast conversations in chronological order, or in alphabetical order.

The underlying thread, beyond what might be discussed in any individual conversation, is an exploration of the Relational Implicit – – the emergence of meaning in our interactions.