Michael Changaris: The power of mindful touch

In this conversation, Michael Changaris talks about how crucial touch is to our sense of self and our well-being. He refers to research as well as examples in clinical practice and in everyday life. The conversation concludes with an invitation to a simple way to experience this in your life.

Michael Changaris, PsyD. is the Chief Clinical Training Officer, health psychology groups program lead & psychopharmacology rotation lead for the Wright Institute, Integrated Health Psychology Training Program (IHPTP) an APA accredited internship in health psychology. He is an adjunct professor with John F. Kennedy University and The Wright Institute. Dr. Changaris is a clinical health psychologist with a specialty in multicultural psychology, stress physiology, and the neuroanatomy of PTSD. Michael Changaris is a 2018 UCSF, California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) Leadership Fellow.  He currently serves on the health disparities committee at Contra Costa County Health and along with the team, was recognized with the 2018 ‘Health Partnership’ award for work addressing implicit bias in health care.  See website.

Published  December 2020.