Sharon Stanley: Conversation about climate change

In this conversation, which is part of a series on society issues, we explore Climate Change from a perspective informed by somatic psychotherapy.

Dr. Sharon Stanley has educated thousands of psychotherapists in Canada, the USA and Israel in the principles and practices of somatic psychotherapy.  Sharon has served on graduate level faculties including the University of Victoria and the Foundation for Human Enrichment, developing curriculum and teaching mental health professionals.  Building on her doctoral research on empathy with traumatized youth, Sharon founded Somatic Transformation, a trauma model and educational curriculum guiding practitioners in treating physiological, psychological and spiritual dynamics of relational trauma. Sharon’s work with indigenous people, the study of Afro-Brazilian healing practices and  phenomenological research has led to a convergence of neuroscience, somatic therapy and cross cultural wisdom to heal “soul wounds”.   Sharon has a private clinical practice on Bainbridge Island, Washington. See:

Published December 2019. See also conversation with Sharon Stanley about Somatic Transformation and conversation about what sustains her.