David Rome: Mindful Focusing

David Rome

David I. Rome is a teacher, writer and editor focusing on applications of contemplative methods in personal and social change. He has directed development of the Garrison Institute’s Transforming Trauma initiative as well as programs applying contemplative methods in K-12 education and environmental change work. Earlier, he was senior vice president for planning and development at Greyston Foundation, the pioneering Buddhist-inspired inner-city community development group, and before that president of Schocken Books in New York City.

David is the developer of Mindful Focusing, a contemplative technique integrating Focusing and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices, a Certifying Coordinator with the Focusing Institute, and a meditation instruction trainer for Shambhala International. He is the author of the newly-published book Your Body Knows the Answer; Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change and Liberate Creativity (Shambhala Publications, 2014). See his website.

Published November 2014. See also conversation on contemplative thinking.