Jeffrey Morrison: What it is like to be Focusing

Focusing is a mindful process of inner exploration. In this conversation, Jeffrey Morrison shares what it is like to be Focusing based on a recent Focusing session. This is of interest to Focusers, but also to non-Focusers who are curious about the process of Focusing. As Jeffrey is experienced in both mindfulness meditation and Focusing, we touch upon the similarities and differences between these two practices during the conversation.

A Focusing-Oriented psychotherapist and Focusing Coordinator, Jeffrey Morrison practices in Seattle and Vashon Island, Washington, USA. He specializes in working with complex trauma and teaching Focusing to therapists and other healing professionals. He has developed a FOT training program, which blends Focusing, mindfulness and other embodied practices for unwinding trauma and restoring wellbeing. He lives on Vashon Island with his wife, who is a teacher. They enjoy time with their son and daughter when they are home from college, gardening, walking, and spending vacations near water. See website.

Published December 2018.