Ruella Frank: A somatic and developmental approach to psychotherapy

Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is founder and director of the Center for Somatic Studies, faculty at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, adjunct faculty at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy and also teaches throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and Canada. Ruella has authored chapters in various publications as well as the book Body of Awareness: A Somatic and Developmental Approach to Psychotherapy, in four languages (GestaltPress 2001), and co-authored the book The First Year and The Rest of Your Life: Movement, Development and Psychotherapeutic Change (Routledge Press 2010), in three languages. She also wrote and produced the video course Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy: An Introduction (2013). See:

Published: September 2013. See: Printable PDF transcript.