Evelyn Fendler-Lee on intuitive thinking & the creative process

In this conversation, we explore a creative thinking process known as Thinking At the Edge (TAE). However, there is no need to actually know this process, or to know Focusing, in order to follow the conversation. This is because this conversation is a reflection on the nature of intuitive thinking and how the creative process can be helped by having somebody accompany the process.

This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only.

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee is an organizational psychologist, certified as a person-centered counselor as well as a Focusing trainer. She brings 20 years of experience in teamwork, leadership and project management while working as material scientist in well-respected research institutes and in the automotive and chemical industry.

Evelyn works as a self-employed trainer and coach, facilitating innovation, professional and personal development. As team facilitator she enables trust, respectful interactions, productive conflicts, co-creation and consequently extraordinary results and solutions. She is in charge of TAE training at the German Training Institute for Focusing (DAF) and she presents international TAE workshops and TAE online sessions.

Evelyn is convinced that responsible thinking and acting begins with the ability to lift our experience and to bring it into fruitful communication. Her vision is to transform teamwork into a win-win interplay with taking hunches seriously. See website.

Published July 2018.