Greg Cootsona: Finding Grace, Finding Space

In this conversation, we explore the notion of grace. We talk about it from a spiritual perspective: the Christian spiritual tradition which is Greg’s anchor, as well as other spiritual traditions. We also explore down-to-earth experiences, such as being a drummer, interacting with other people, structuring one’s day… In so doing, we map out a sense of grace as a human experience that people can relate to independently from a specific belief system.

Greg Cootsona is a Lecturer in Comparative Religion and Humanities at Chico State University. The conversation with Serge emerged from two key sources: his article in the Huffington Post, “The Unforced Rhythms of Grace,” and his book, Say Yes to No: Using the Power of No to Create the Best in Life, Work, and Love. He wrote the latter out of an experience of being stretched too thin as a Christian minister and young father in New York City. Now in Chico, California, Greg blogs weekly at Greg loves drumming—thus the interest in rhythm—as well as cycling reading, writing, drinking good coffee and beer, and especially spending time with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters, Melanie and Elizabeth.

Published April 2020