Cedar Barstow: The Right Use of Power

Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., Certified Hakomi Therapist and International Trainer is the author of “Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics.” The ideas and examples in this talk are taken from this book and Cedar’s training programs in right use of power. The goal of right use of power, as the largest container for ethics, is for people to increase their skill, sensitivity, and effectiveness in the use of both their personal and their professional power. The program has four aspects: Be Informed, Be Compassionate, Be Connected, Be Skillful. By focusing on learning ethics from the inside out rather than from the rule side in, the program engages people in studying and refining their impact and on cultivating right relationship and repairing harm. She lives in Boulder Colorado. See: RightUseOfPower.com.

August 2012. See: Printable PDF transcript.