Courtenay Young: A pillar of the Body Psychotherapy community

Courtenay Young trained in Body-Psychotherapy about 30 years ago, with Gerda Boyesen, David Boadella, John Pierrakos, and later with Stan Grof and Arnold Mindell; he works transpersonally and within the UK NHS. He has been a significant member of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy for many years and helped establish Body-Psychotherapy as a ‘scientifically-validated’ psychotherapy. He is also a founder member of USABP; compiles the EABP Bibliography of Body-Psychotherapy (on CD-ROM and now on-line); is an editor for the International Journal of Psychotherapy, the Journal of Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy; and is the editor for the forthcoming American edition of the massive and seminal ‘Handbook of Body Psychotherapy’. He has written numerous published journal articles and several chapters in books about Body-Psychotherapy and about psychotherapy in general (all on his website). His first book: “Help Yourself Towards Mental Health” has been recently published by Karnac Books.

August 2010. See: Printable PDf transcript