Eric Wolterstorff: Social Trauma

Dr . Eric Wolterstorff’s specialty is social trauma, meaning the impacts of threats, disasters, deprivation and violent conflict on the capacity of societies to adapt to the world, regulate and nourish themselves, and develop. His work is based in the intersection of psychology, trauma, culture and group behavior.
Wolterstorff studied body -based approaches to healing trauma and added to Peter Levine’s body of work. In his dissertation, he describes relationships between the neuropsychology of memory and trauma in individuals and groups. He has applied his methods to families and organizations impacted by trauma.
Dr. Wolterstorff is currently writing a textbook on social trauma for an international relations series, and completing a proposal for a ten-year national healing project for Rwanda.
Over the past fifteen years, Wolterstorff has led professional trainings and consulted in the United States and Europe. See:

February 2012. See: Printable PDF transcript.