Karyne Wilner: The plastic body

This conversation is part of exploring the Somatic Implicit. Karyne Wilner talks about how cell life and neuroplasticity of the brain and body can be enhanced through work with the bioenergetic field.

Dr. Karyne Wilner is a licensed, clinical psychologist who practices in Connecticut and Rhode Island. She is director of the Core Energetics Academy, a training center for professionals who wish to add a bodymind and energy focus to their work. She worked closely with John Pierrakos, MD, the founder of Core Energetics. An adjunct instructor at Salve Regina University, she teaches energy psychology to graduate students in the holistic counseling department. In the past, she was Assistant Director of The Institute of Core Energetics, Associate Director of Core Energetics Australia, and Senior Director of Core Energetics in Brazil. Her current interest is in writing about what the body communicates and its connection to sexuality and love. See her website.

Published March 2020.