Donna Varnau: The Practice of Embodied Presence

This recording is about the “Practice of Embodied Presence”, guidelines for connecting directly with the personal and sacred wisdom of your body. If you are caught up in the thoughts and feelings of the fight, flight, freeze body, you are already recycling the past. If you learn how to tune into your presencing body, you gain access to a vast reservoir of wisdom and a fresh experience of life.

donna varnau

At a young age I felt connected to a calm, loving presence within me. Yet, as I grew older and had to interact more with others, I became increasingly anxious. Personal suffering propelled me to explore psycho-spiritual practices that would ground me in a sense of embodied Presence, no matter what I was doing. This has been life-changing for me. My body is now one of my most important allies. Born into an intellectual family, I was conditioned to go to my head to find solutions to my life “problems”. With study and dedicated practice, I have discovered deep wisdom embedded in my whole body, not just my brain. In 1992, I got an M.A. in body-centered psychotherapy and have also become a certified Focusing trainer and labyrinth facilitator. Today I offer a program called “The Practice of Embodied Presence”, an embodied way to access both personal and spiritual intelligence. See website.

Published April 2017