Stephen Terrell on Developmental Trauma & Attachment Disorders

Stephen J. Terrell, MS, LPC, RPT, SEP is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Austin, Texas.  He specializes in Developmental Trauma, Medical Trauma, and Attachment Disorders including Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Stephen is a single parent and knows firsthand the affects of trauma on the family system.  After adopting his son with Reactive Attachment Disorder, he felt overwhelmed with his experience and went searching for trauma/attachment treatments. He has completed the TST program with Kathy Kain and has incorporated the touch work as a crucial component in working with regulation and early developmental trauma because of the non-verbal approach. Stephen works both with the parent and child during sessions. Stephen is the founder of Austin Attachment and Counseling Center and is a Registered Play Therapist, certified in EMDR, and trained in working with First Responders. He is often called upon to speak at national and international conferences on children and trauma. See Website.

Published March 2012.