Katy Swafford: Eidetic Imagery

Katy Swafford, PhD has worked in Eidetic Imagery for 20 Years. She has trained with the founder, Akhter Ahsen, PhD intensively and her practice is focused on developing applications for this comprehensive method. Dr. Swafford conducts training in Eidetic Imagery and is working to introduce this somatically based theory into academic environments as well. Eidetic Imagery is a comprehensive model of consciousness in which images of nature, development, and mythology come together in the body. The somatic or “S” factor of an Eidetic Image, (Image – Somatic Response- Meaning) makes Eidetic Imagery a Body Psychotherapy with the image as the sensory entry point. Through the Eidetic Image, universal qualities of mind become a thick, rich, physical experience – mythic mind and physical body are together. Akhter Ahsen (recipient of USABP’s Pioneer Award) is truly a Pioneer in the field of consciousness, never leaving the body in the universal fullness of mind. See: EideticInstitute.com.

Published October 2012. See: Printable PDF transcript

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