Robert Scaer: Traumatic stress & dissociation

Robert Scaer, M.D. received his B.A. in Psychology, and his M.D. degree at the University of Rochester.  He is Board Certified in Neurology, and has been in practice for 36 years, twenty of those as Medical Director at the Mapleton Rehabilitation Center in Boulder, CO.   More recently he has pursued the study of traumatic stress and its role in emotional and physical syndromes and diseases.
He has lectured extensively, and has published several articles on posttraumatic stress disorder, dissociation, the whiplash syndrome and other somatic syndromes of trauma. He has published two books, the first The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation and Disease in 2001, with a second edition released in October, 2007.  A second book, The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Human Resiliency was published in 2005.  He is retired from clinical medical practice, and continues to write and lecture in the field of traumatology.

January 2010. See: Printable PDF transcript.  See other conversation with Robert Scaer.