Edgardo Riveros Aedo: The emergence of the new

In this talk, Edgardo Riveros Aedo gives a spontaneous demonstration of the kind of inner dialogue that makes it possible for something new to emerge.

The video is in Spanish. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, I suggest you look at it (at least part of it): It is a beautiful demonstration of the process of connecting to a bodily felt sense and learning from it. Notice the cadences of Edgardo’s speech and his connection to his body. While words are used and reflected upon, much of the process is nonverbal.

There are several options to make this accessible to people who don’t speak Spanish very well, or who don’t speak Spanish at all:
– If you understand some Spanish, and want to follow the original video in Spanish, there is a transcript that includes both the Spanish and an English translation. See: bilingual transcript.
– If you don’t understand Spanish and want to hear it in English, there is an audio recording in English (see below the video).
– There is also a PDF of the whole text in English. See English transcript.

Audio recording: The voice you hear in the recording, below, is not Edgardo Riveros Aedo. The translation (by Tomas Jimenes) is read by Serge Prengel. See also English transcript.

Edgardo Riveros Aedo, Experiential Psychotherapist, translated Eugene Gendlin’s Theory of Change of Personality (1973) into Spanish at the University of Chile. Published books: Experiencing: A new paradigm (2000), Focusing experiential and existential (2005), Focusing a new paradigm for the 21st century (2008), Focusing from the Heart and towards the Heart (2015). He has translated the two central philosophical works of Gendlin: Experience and the creation of meaning (ECM) and A Process Model. He is a psychotherapist in private practice, and teaches Focusing. He was appointed as Coordinator of Focusing for Chile by Eugene Gendlin. He founded the Continental Focusing School in Spanish in Santiago de Chile, offering a blended training system for all Spanish-speaking countries. www.ecfe.cl and www.focusingchile.cl . Currently, Edgardo is a member of the teaching team of the Weeklong (2017,2019,2020) where he has shown the experiential and philosophical dimension of Focusing as an attitude and a phenomenon for change.

Published November 2019