Sunflower Mind video clip # 3: The situation as a whole

This 2-minute video clip describes how relational mindfulness is about the situation as a whole. It is part of the 25-minute video about embodied relational mindfulness.


As we continue to explore this metaphor of Sunflower Mind, we notice that the metaphor is not just about the sunflower. The sunflower exists, is perceived, is in a position that is in relation to where the sun is. It’s not just… Actually, when you see the sunflower, you can pretty much guess where the sun is. So, relationality is inherent in the image.

And part of Sunflower Mind, part of that metaphor, is to not just think of a person, of yourself, or somebody else, as existing outside of the environment they’re in. And, you know, this is incredibly obvious. This is not something that is news to anybody. If you’re dressed in a light suit and you’re in the middle of winter, you’re going to shiver. If you’re dressed in a heavy coat and it’s the middle of summer, you’re going to be too hot. So we all know that, it’s really so basic. Kids know it – little kids.

But we forget it when we think about people in psychological terms, when we think about ourselves, when we think about other people. We think about the self, we think about a person. And we forget that who we are is really in relation to the environment we’re in. You’re not the same before and after drinking a heavy cup of coffee, or taking stimulants, or taking a sleeping pill.

You’re not the same when you’re hungry, or when you’ve just had a good meal, and so on, and so forth. You’re not the same when you’re with somebody who is compassionate and careful and loving, or when you’re near somebody wanting to attack you. So all of these things are part of Sunflower Mind. What you are, is based on what else is happening at this moment.

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