Bruce Nayowith: An introduction to Subtle Activism

In this conversation, Bruce Nayowith talks about Subtle Activism at an experiential level.

As Dr David Nicol describes it, Subtle Activism is applying the wisdom of our inner work to the collective dimension, for collective transformation, rather than the personal domain. Another of his quotes: “Subtle activism can be understood as a set of practices that allow us to connect, in the depths of our being, with our love for the world and our longing for it to reflect the highest potentials of human nature.”

Anytime one engages in a personal growth or healing process, it benefits others around them. What distinguishes Subtle Activism is that one is intentionally working with a larger realm than the personal – the collective is the subject of our attention and care, rather than simply a byproduct of it.

If you are interested in Subtle Activism, here are links you may want to explore:

  • The Gaiafield Project. Quoting from their website: The Gaiafield Project promotes the study and practice of subtle activism, which affirms the power of consciousness-based approaches like global meditation and prayer events to support social and planetary transformation.
  • HeartMath Institute has done much research in the connections between heart, brain, others, and the Earth. They sponsor science and research pointing to ways that the Earth’s fields, and human fields, interaffect each other.

Also: Summary and Notes from Subtle Activism Summit Sept 8-10, 2015:

Bruce Nayowith

Since 1987, Bruce Nayowith has been Focusing personally, and to explore other processes that encourage the unfolding of individual and systemic potential. These include neurobiology, depth, and developmental psychology, whole-brain education, NonViolent Communication, and emergent group processes such as Dynamic Facilitation, Open Dialogue, and Family Constellations.

Published October 2015