Salvador Moreno-Lopez: Sensing into life as a musical improvisation

We talk about metaphors that Salvador Moreno-López uses to understand and orient interaction in psychotherapy and daily life, such as the music of the speech and a jazz duo.

Dr. Salvador Moreno-López, Ph.D., Universidad Iberoamericana, in México City.
Certified Focusing Instructor and Certifying Coordinador for Mexico of the International Focusing Institute.
Has been a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and at the ITESO in Guadalajara, in postgraduate studies in Psychotherapy and Human Development. Has led workshops at Universidad de Fortaleza, Brasil.
His most recent book: Descubriendo mi Sabiduría Corporal, Focusing. Articles include: Tendencia actualizante, sabiduría organísmica y comprensión del mundo; Focusing with the Stresses of Everyday Life; and Vivir saludablemente y Enfoque Corporal.
Director of Focusing México, psychotherapist, group leader and lecturer. His focus is understanding the interaction between physical and emotional health, with an emphasis on the experiential dimension, and in identifying implications in terms of promoting health.

Published December 2021.