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Active Pause: Functional definitions of mindfulness

This website explores mindfulness from a variety of perspectives. Here is a list of articles exploring several possible functional definitions of mindfulness as a proactive approach to life.

Bodyfulness: Mindfulness definition as embodied experience

Body mindfulness exercise: One-minute mindful pause, to get a grip

Proactive Mindfulness vs Paleo Mindfulness

Relational mindfulness: Shifting from reactive to proactive

Interaction, regulation & the emergence of the self

Demystifying mindfulness: Why it is hard to be mindful?

Mindless vs Mindful: Understanding mindlessness

Polyvagal Theory: Relational Mindfulness & Autonomic Nervous System

Existential mindfulness: A felt sense of meaning & purpose

The human condition, mindfulness and spirituality

Body mindfulness: How to deal with stress proactively

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