A mindful take on spirituality & philosophy

Lawrence Berger and Serge Prengel discuss how we make sense of the world and our place in it, i.e. what is usually called philosophy or spirituality.

We approach this from somewhat different perspectives:
– One emphasizes a connection with a sense of something greater than ourselves in which we can find meaning and purpose (“there’s nothing more important than why we’re here”).
– The other emphasizes the moment-by-moment process of finding meaning and purpose as we live (“I get in touch with my sense of meaning and purpose as I face life moment by moment”).

Lawrence Berger, PhD, is a long-time practitioner of mindfulness and has taught philosophy at several universities. He is working on a book entitled The Politics Of Attention & The Promise Of Mindfulness.

Serge Prengel is a therapist and explorer of creative approaches to mindfulness. He is the editor of Active Pause and is developing a course on Polyvagal-informed mindfulness.