Kathy Kain: Touch Training for Psychotherapists

Kathy Kain, M.Ed. has been practicing and teaching bodywork and trauma recovery skills for nearly 30 years. She teaches in Europe, Australia, Canada, and throughout the U.S., and maintains a private practice in Albany, California. She is a senior trainer in the Somatic Experiencing training program and is currently Director of Training and Education for the Foundation for Human Enrichment.  Kathy is also an adjunct faculty member of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and was a senior trainer for 12 years in the Somatic Psychotherapy training program based in Sydney Australia, where she developed the Touch Training for Psychotherapists that she now teaches in the U.S.  She co-authored the book Ortho-Bionomy; A Practical Manual (North Atlantic Books).

December 2008. See: Printable PDF transcript