Rae Johnson on Embodied Activism

In this conversation, Rae Johnson talks about how the body is implicated in social justice work, and how to engage our bodies in the process of activism. Rae’s approach incorporates key ideas from many social justice theorists and somatic practitioners, and distills them into three key areas: (1) doing your own work, (2) working for others, and (3) working with others. 

Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT is a somatic scholar/practitioner working at the intersection of embodiment studies and social justice. Key themes in her work include the embodied experience of oppression, somatic approaches to research, and the poetic body. Rae is the author of the recently published book Embodied Social Justice and chair of the Somatic Studies in Depth Psychology doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Links to Rae’s work can be found on her website.

Published January 2018. See  other conversations with are Johnson.