Gregg Henriques: A framework to integrate objective view & personal view

In this conversation, Dr. Gregg Henriques explains the Tree of Knowledge System and describes how it provides a way to think about the universe from an objective scientific view and a personal lifeworld view. It achieves this by dividing the universe into four different planes of existence, Matter, Life, Mind and Culture, and the discussion shows how the Tree of Knowledge allows for seamlessly transitioning back and forth between these two perspectives.

Dr. Gregg Henriques is Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University, and core faculty member in the APA-Accredited Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical-School Psychology. Dr. Henriques received his Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont and several years of post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania under Aaron T. Beck. Dr. Henriques teaches courses in personality theory, personality assessment, social psychology, and integrative adult psychotherapy. Dr. Henriques’ primary area of scholarly interest is in the development of a new unified theory of psychology, which offers a new scientific humanistic philosophy for the field. Dr. Henriques has published a book (A New Unified Theory of Psychology) and numerous scholarly articles on this work. Dr. Henriques is also a regular blogger on Psychology Today (Theory of Knowledge).Dr. Henriques is a licensed clinical psychologist in Virginia. See his website.

Published July 2019.