FAQ on embodied mindful pause: What next?

This 7-minute video clip is part of the FAQ on the embodied mindful pause. See transcript below the video.


So what next? What I was hoping to do with this is to give you a little sense of different ways to use Active Pause* in therapy. As I did that, I tried to be concrete in some ways. But I’m not very concrete in the sense that I’m not presenting specific situations, specific clients, moments in the session, moments in the course of therapy where it could be used. So I hope that despite these failings, you have enough of a sense of curiosity, a sense of possibility, to want to experiment with it. And ideally, to share your experiences with us, with the community at large, so that actually it becomes more alive with a sense of how it can be grounded in the course of therapy sessions.

I want, more than anything else, to engage your creativity with a sense of possibility. The last thing in the world that I would want would be to give you the idea that there is a strict procedure. That this is a protocol that you have to follow in a rigid way in order to create results. Or, even worse, that it is a method that cures people. The healing that’s going to happen in therapy is what you are able to provide the client. You and your skills, and the experiences you have. What Active Pause* is: It is a gateway to a certain kind of exploration. The only value it has is the extent to which it allows you to use your talents and experience in order to process what happens.

So the way I want to engage your creativity and curiosity is in steering you to thinking: “Gee, maybe it would be interesting to play with introducing these kinds of pauses into the session”.

There are a lot of different ways in which they can be used. It could be just one time. It could be in the beginning. It could be sometime during the session. It could be several times. It could be as a way to structure the whole session. It could be as a way to actually explore experience in a physical, embodied way. As you play with it, as you experiment with clients, as you get feedback from clients, also your own ideas of what happens… more stuff will come up to enrich it.

* Please note that, at the time the video was made, I was referring to the Embodied Mindful Pause as Active Pause.