Monica Gomez Galaz: Being human, today, moment by moment

In this brief conversation with Monica Gomez Galaz, we touch upon what it’s like to be human, in a down-to-earth way, moment by moment, as we are in touch with our vulnerabilities.

Monica is a Focusing coordinator in Mexico City. She says: I have been Focusing for the last eight years and became a Certified Coordinartor on 2012. I did a big shift in My life in 2008 after working in the financial arena for 15 years and opened my own Coaching firm that gave me the opportunity to help people during important transitions in their lives. A writer, a passionate and curious person, that brought me to be interested on de biology of the body and family systems. I integrated Whole Body Focusing with Biodecoding, so we can be more gentle to our symptoms. I am thrilled and exited to welcome all you to the 28th Focusing International Conference in Mexico in Merida, Yucatan. In memory of Eugene Gendlin and his desire to return to the principle of being human to understand life, the theme of the conference will be: “Just Human”

Published January 2018