Eva Gold on Buddhist psychology & Gestalt psychotherapy

In this conversation we talk about the convergences of Buddhist psychology/mindfulness with Gestalt therapy as well as how they are different in their emphasis and ultimate aims. This creates the ground for discussing the benefits of an approach that integrates the two—a Buddhist psychology informed Gestalt therapy (BPGT). This conversation is also available in video as a PDF transcript.

Eva Gold, PsyD is a psychologist in private practice, founding co-director of Gestalt Therapy Training Center—Northwest in Portland, OR, and senior faculty for the program she developed integrating Buddhist psychology and mindfulness in Gestalt therapy training. Dr. Gold is co-author with Steve Zahm, PhD of the new book Buddhist Psychology and Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century. She taught Gestalt therapy for fifteen years as an adjunct assistant professor at Pacific University School of Professional Psychology, and has also authored and co-authored a number of articles and book chapters on different aspects of Gestalt therapy theory and practice. A Gestalt therapist for forty years as well as a student of Buddhist psychology and an Insight meditation practitioner for almost twenty, she trains and presents nationally and internationally on the intersection of Buddhist psychology/mindfulness and Gestalt therapy. See her website.

See also 3-minute video of Eva Gold talking about her book.

Published November 2018.