Chris Frey: You are not alone. How to build a support network

In this conversation, Chris Frey talks about how to find that you are less alone in adversity than you might think. He speaks from his experience as a cancer survivor.

Chris frey

Chris Frey, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist in St. Louis, MO.  For several decades, Chris has been a leading voice and popular workshop leader in men’s issues, addiction recovery, relationships and sexuality.

As a Stage IV throat and neck cancer survivor, Chris was the 2009 recipient of an Armour Foundation sabbatical, which assists in funding creative works. From this sabbatical sprung: I’m Sorry, It’s Cancer: A Handbook of Help and Hope for Survivors and Caregivers, an inspirational and practical guide to creating the optimal medical, emotional, social and spiritual care team for the journey through cancer.

Frey is the author Men at Work: An Action Guide to Masculine Healing and the co-author of FatherTime: Stories on the Heart and Soul of Fathering. See:

Published June 2011