Action-oriented mindfulness: Introduction to Focusing as your inner GPS

Focusing is the mindful practice of using our bodily felt sense to guide our actions, moment by moment.

Paradoxically, we start this process by “unfocusing.” We turn our attention inward to notice subtle sensations. “Refocusing” happens organically, as the subtle sensations gradually come into focus and become meaningful.

Nobody invented Focusing. Gene Gendlin discovered it, explored it, and described ways to help make it happen. Now, decades later, neuroscience has added to our understanding of it. So has the experience of tens of thousands of Focusers (probably hundreds of thousands… Who knows? Focusers are not bean counters).

Why this course?

It is now simpler than ever to access our inner GPS. This introductory class presents a down-to-earth perspective on Focusing as an organic process that we can easily access.

It is suitable for beginners as well as for Focusers who wish to gain a new perspective on Focusing.

Why this instructor?

Serge Prengel is a Focusing-oriented therapist. In addition to Focusing, he is also trained in Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing.

His deep curiosity about learning from different perspectives on Focusing led him to conduct dozens of interviews within the Focusing Conversations series.

Serge has led workshops in a variety of venues and conferences, such as Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, USABP, etc. He is known for his ability to foster a safe and stimulating space for groups to creatively explore embodied process.

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This online course will take place on Zoom in early Spring. If you are interested, please let us know with the Feedback form.

Details will soon be announced in the newsletter.