Andy Fisher: Ecopsychology

This conversation is a wide-ranging exploration of the new field of ecopsychology. It includes discussions of how the lived body and Buddhist psychology figure in this field, as well as the radical implications of reconnecting our minds to nature.

Andy Fisher, PhD, is a major figure in ecopsychology, having tracked and reflected on the development of the field for the last two decades. Author of one of the field’s primary texts, Radical Ecopsychology: Psychology in the Service of Life(2nd Ed.), he is best known for his critical scholarship and holistic vision of the ecopsychological project. Andy keeps up an active schedule of writing and teaching, including a year-long training in ecopsychology that he offers near his home in eastern Ontario, Canada. A psychotherapist in private practice and wilderness rites of passage guide, he also teaches courses in such related topics as Buddhist psychology, elderhood, and dream-work. For more about Andy,  visit his website.

Published in March 2019.