Ifat Eckstein: What Sustains Me

In this conversation (July 2014), Ifat Eckstein talks about “asking”, connection, and clarity.

See published chapter that evolved from this conversation.

Ifat Eckstein

With more than 20 years experience of working as a couple & family therapist, for the last 10 years I enjoy bringing the world of FOT to the therapeutic space, giving workshops, teaching various courses and coordinating workshops.
My desire is to bring an awareness of our interconnectedness through the felt sense, to bring back our sense of Oneness, our shared journey in this life. This process involves writing as a channel of expression. Through it I explore and try to find ways to bring this expanded perspective to daily life, to bring us back to our natural roots.
To all these endeavors I bring experience and insight from couple and family therapy, group leading and teaching, my meetings with patients and colleagues. Inspired by the worlds of Judaism, Buddhism, the philosophy behind Focusing, Indigenous traditions and more, my personal journey and professional work is nourished and enriched.

Published July 2014 – See other conversation with Ifat Eckstein.