Stefan Deutsch: A theory of love as foundation for therapeutic intervention

In this conversation, Stefan Deutsch talks about his theory of love as nourishment, the evidence for it, and how it applies to clinical practice.

After escaping communist Hungary with his parents, Holocaust survivors, Stefan Deutsch grew up in NYC, graduated Hunter, CUNY, then NYU for Movement Therapy. He is a certified Gestalt psychotherapist with a thriving Private Practice, and a philosopher of human development, dedicated to the prevention of any Holocausts. He originated The Continuum Theory of Human Development (see PDF on his website). Here is what else he’d like you to know about him: 1. His organization, The Human Development Company. 2. His book – “Love Decoded”. 3. His article on Thrive Global– “Why people Marry”? 4. He organized The First Symposium Toward A Unified Science of Love, 2016. 5. His theory as used in “Love2Caretrial” a clinical trial at Danbury Hospital, preventing stress and burnout among physicians, nurses, and residents, with promising results. 6. Presenting – ‘Theory of Self-Love as Psychotherapeutic’, 2018 APA conference.

Published August 2018.