Flavia Cymbalista: Uncertainty, making decisions and investing

Flavia cymbalista

Dr. Flavia Cymbalista is an Uncertainty Specialist. Uncertainty is the thread that runs through her academic work in Finance, her practical work with decision-making and her lifelong interest in how we know what we know. In the last 12 years, Flavia has taught hundreds of finance professionals and business people around the world how to access their gut intelligence and use it systematically in decision-making. She has also worked with investors, entrepreneurs, artists, multi-billion dollar hedge fund managers and Fortune 500 executives, coaching them through long-term multifaceted strategic decisions and major transitions. Flavia earned a doctorate in Economic Sciences from the FU Berlin and was a post-doc research fellow at the Psychology Dept at UC Berkeley. Led by her curiosity about the body-mind connection, she has studied many different approaches from other cultures and traditions, from Amazonian-Shamanism to Zen-Buddhism. She’s recently become strongly interested in cryptocurrencies and her current work includes bringing her expertise with Uncertainty to the cryptofinancial world. See her website.

Published April 2015