A gentle sense of resilience: Caterina Carta reflects on what sustains her

In this video, we spend a mindful moment with Caterina Carta as she reflects on flowing with life and dealing with life’s challenges, her illness and chemo, what we mean by meaning, and what it’s like to feel a sense of connection to something larger.

Caterina Carta works as High School teacher and Focusing-oriented counselor and trainer in Sardinia, Italy. After different occupations in sustainable tourism as trainer and consultant, she decided to come back to her first job as school teacher. She builds relationships with her students in a deep and authentic way supporting them to discover and follow their own dreams. “Teaching in a playful way” is her motto. Since 1996, she has been committed to personal growth, conflict resolution and meditation. As she met Focusing, she recognized something precious which changed her relationship with herself. She especially appreciated it during some challenges in her life where Focusing accompanied her in a gentle way, helping her to see new perspectives. She is grateful to Eugene Gendlin and to those who are spreading Focusing to the world. She likes travelling, hiking, practicing Tai Chi and being in nature.

Published August 2016.