Neal Brodsky: Embodied expressive therapy with children

Neal H. Brodsky, LMFT uses expressive therapies to help adults, young people, and families create lives they love. He is licensed in Marriage & Family Therapy and certified in both Core Energetics and Embodied Couples Work (Exceptional Marriage Approach.) Neal was originally trained in Film and Television and is particularly adept in helping clients visualize and create profound and lasting change in life. He is one of 10 therapists from around the world contributing a chapter to the 2015 book “Deep Play: Exploring the Use of Depth in Psychotherapy with Children” and his work supports the “inner children” of adult clients to resolve past family difficulty and allow the flourishing of life tasks and relationships. Neal’s U.S. offices are in New York City and Connecticut and he works with expat couples and families around the world through video-assisted online sessions along with his wife Judy Gotlieb, LMFT. See

Published: March 2016. See printable PDF transcript.