Bill Bowen: Psycho-Physical Therapy

Bill Bowen, MFA, LMT, is the founder of Psycho-Physical Therapy. His background combines an immersion in the life of the human body with a clinical practice informed by multiple trainings in somatic psychotherapies and bodywork. He is trained in Rolfing and Rolfing Movement work, Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, Bodynamic Analysis, Somatic Experiencing, Biovalent Manual Therapy  and numerous other somatic and psychological disciplines.
His unique therapeutic method has evolved out of his 40 years of  experience working with the creative process, body therapy, somatic psychology, and spirituality. The active integration of the physical and psychological has been the continuing focus of his work. He has been a trainer in the Hakomi method and was co-founder, with Pat Ogden, of Hakomi Integrative Somatics. Bill has taught at colleges in both Europe and the United States and is currently on the faculty of the Somatic Psychology program at JFK University.

September 2010. See: Printable PDF transcript