Barnaby Barratt about male sexuality

Is biology destiny? Freud asked this question in the context of discussing women’s abilities and roles. Now, in the wake of a seemingly endless streak of abuse scandals involving prominent men, it may be legitimate to ask whether male sexuality is inherently aggressive. This is the starting point for this conversation with Barnaby B. Barratt.

Barnaby barratt

Dr Barnaby B Barratt is a radical psychoanalyst, somatic psychologist, sexuality consultant and practitioner of tantric meditation. He has published widely on in the areas of psychodynamics, bodymind healing, sexuality, human rights and related philosophical issues. Having lived in Europe, the USA and Asia, he currently maintains a private practice in South Africa, where he is Senior Research Associate at the University of Witwatersrand. Dr Barratt is Director of Studies at the Parkmore Institute, which is developing high‑quality, non‑residential doctoral programs in cutting‑edge fields such as bodymind healing, human sexuality, psychoanalytic studies and psychosocial intervention. See Parkmore Institute website.

Published December 2017. See also other conversation with Barnaby Barratt about somatic psychology & bodymind therapy  and his chapter for What Sustains Me.