Simona Aronow: What Sustains Me

In this conversation (August 2014), Simona Aronow talks about her spiritual practice and how it relates to movement and body mindfulness.

Simona aronow

Simona Aronow, MEd, BC-ADTR, CMA, NCTMB, NCC, KMP facilitates movement for self awareness, expression and transformation. She brings to her healing work 35 years of experience as therapist, supervisor and educator. Simona is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist specializing in Authentic Movement, and is certified in Laban Movement Analysis and Kestenberg Movement Profiles. In addition, she is a hands on somatic practitioner and a long time student of Kabbalah. Her current passion is working with Authentic Movement and Embodied Spirituality as vehicles for enlivening others on their spiritual journeys. She teaches this work privately and at retreat centers, including The National Havurah Summer Institute, Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, Aleph Kallah, and University of Virginia Mindfulness Center. She is on faculty for the Laban/Bartennieff Movement Studies Training Program, University of Maryland, and the Embodying Spirit En-Spiriting Body Training Program in California. Her private practice is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Published August 2014