Frances Sommer Anderson: Psychoanalysis & mindbody disorders

Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD, a psychologist and psychoanalyst in New York City, specializes in treating musculoskeletal  pain and other mindbody disorders.  She teaches psychotherapists, yoga teachers, physical therapists, and other bodyworkers about pain, trauma, and the patient-therapist relationship.  Her teaching appointments include Faculty, National Institute for the Psychotherapies Training Institute and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (part-time), NYU Medical School. She is Editor of Bodies in Treatment:  The Unspoken Dimension (2007, The Analytic Press/Taylor & Francis Group) and Co-Editor with Lewis Aron, Relational Perspectives on the Body (1998, The Analytic Press).

June 2008. See printable PDF transcript. See other conversation with Frances Sommer Anderson.