Relational Implicit

This site features an exploration of the Relational Implicit – – the emergence of meaning in our interactionsWe explore the Relational Implicit, as an embodied experience, as a shared experience, and as the glue that binds societies together.

This exploration takes place within the context of a shift:
– from a model where people are seen as individual units, to the psychology of interaction;
– from a top-down, cognitive model to a bottom-up model where much is implicit as opposed to explicit.

The relational is implicit, intangible. This does not mean that it is ethereal. We are talking here about embodied experience.

See more about Implicit relational knowing.

Podcast for therapists: We explore somatic psychology, relational therapies, mindfulness, and trauma therapies. Most of this exploration takes the form of conversations with psychotherapists, occasionally researchers. Stimulating ideas are discussed, as well as clinical examples. The style of the conversations is reflective, to slow down and deepen the process. Many of the conversations are available in video as well as audio. See Therapy Podcast.