What is the meaning of your dreams?

This page provides two more examples of creative, embodied dream analysis: One is an audio recording, and the other is a video.

The following audio is an on-air interview of Serge Prengel by radio host Larry Flick. Unlike most interviews, where the host essentially asks generic questions, this time the host was so interested in the topic that he was willing to go through the process of exploring the meaning of a recurring dream of his while on the air.

He was willing to share this with his audience and allowed me to post the recording on my website as well. The first part of the audio is a discussion about the meaning of dreams in general and is featured on another page. The 19-minute audio on this page is the exploration part. Radio host Larry Flick experiences what it is like to explore his dream from the inside out, to live in it, feel what it’s like, and learn directly from it.

The following is a videotaped session. A young woman, Rachel, agreed to be videotaped to show what it’s like to explore creative ways. She is a dancer, so when she listens to her body, she is able to eloquently express what she “hears” in movement form. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a dancer to be creative in interpreting your dreams. Creatively paying attention to the body is different for each person. The idea is not to apply a “cookie-cutter” method to all but to get to what feels just right for this person at this moment.