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This website features articles on everyday mindfulness and relational mindfulness.

Demystifying everyday mindfulness

Mindful vs mindless: Relational mindfulness & the pause

Shared Field & Relational Mindfulness: Exploring the sense of being (part of) something larger

Geeks guide to mindfulness: How to stop the multitasking madness

Buddhism beliefs & mindfulness practice

Mindfulness definition as embodied experience: Mindfulness is bodyfulness

Discontinuous self states , Relational Mindfulness & Anatta: 'no fixed self'

Relational mindfulness & buddhist emptiness


Mindfulness meditation: How to let go of thoughts & clear your mind

How to meditate: Simple tips to learn mindfulness meditation

See also:

Resources about stress management & resilience

Resources about listening, felt sense & making sense

Practical resources for mindful relationships

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