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Resources about listening, felt sense & making sense

While all the resources on this site are somehow related to mindfulness, the following are more specifically about mindfulness.


Mindful Listening Partnership

Mindful Listening Partnership FAQ

Feel Heard – Not Hurt! Active Listening & Couples Communication

Principles of Meditative Listening (Rob Foxcroft)

30-second video: Listening: a deep sense of connection

Video conversation with Beatrice Blake: “Want to think out of the box? Enter a mindful listening partnership”.

Felt sense & making sense

Contemplation vs logic: How we make sense of experience through resonance

Following your felt sense: The embodied experience of inner knowing

Felt sense: Mindful, moment-by-moment experience

Mythos & Logos: Implicit process vs explicit description

Mindful Pause and Beginner's Mind

Sunflower Mind: A different sense of who we are & what we do

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