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What sustains me: A down-to-earth exploration of meaning, purpose & spirit

This project is both a book in the process of being written, and a virtual community that welcomes kindred spirits. Chapters are being released as formatted PDFs as they are written. At some point in the future, a printed book will gather all chapters. The central question in this project is: What sustains you?

More specifically:
What gives you a sense of peace, meaning and purpose in everyday life?
What keeps you going when times are tough?
What gives you the strength to face moments of crisis or despair?

If these questions are meaningful to you, then consider yourself part of this project. Think of the project as a virtual community of people who are sharing, not the same answers, but a similar motivation to find the answers that are meaningful to them.

Some of us have started working on a collaborative book, each chapter written by a different author, in a personal and experiential manner. Rather that trying to define ‘spirituality’, we’d rather focus on personal experiences. We want to stay grounded in felt experience, via questions such as:
- How do you experience this emotionally?
- What does it feel like in your body?
- How does it manifest in in relation to other people?

The key word here is ‘experiences’. We are not trying to describe a specific path, a ‘right way’ to do things, or a ‘correct’ narrative of how it all works out. To the contrary. We are coming at it from different approaches. And we value the 'unfinished' quality that comes from describing these issues while we are in the midst of grappling with them, not knowing how things will turn out. Actually, an implicit assumption of this project is that depth of experience is related to our ability to tolerate the 'not knowing'.

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